KBΓ Symbols

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KBΓ Symbols

Our greek letters: ΚΒΓ

Our badge: The Official Pin consists of a wreath of six pearls and six sapphires encircling the Greek letters designating Kappa Beta Gamma. Connected to the main pin by a chain is the Greek letter of the chapter.

Our colors: Blue and Gold

Our pin: This pin is given to the new member candidates during the Formal Initiation Ceremony when they cross from new members to active sisters. The pin consists of a royal blue shield with a gold stripe running diagonally across it. There is a silver border around the stripe and the shield.

Our crest: The badge is a symbol of identification. The star represents the Five Points of the

Star, or the five ideals of Kappa Beta Gamma: sisterhood, loyalty, fidelity, charity, and love & faith

Our motto: Character, Culture, Courage

Our flower:  The Forget-Me-Not         

Our mascot: Jermaine, the lion.

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